The Kids Edit

*Hank "The Ranger" the oldest at 15 his weopon is a magical bow woth which he can shot energy bolts. His hidden fear is failure of being a leader.

*Eric "The Chavlier". his weopon is a shield that protects aginst magic. As comic relief he plays a buffon who most despartly wants to leave the Relm-yet he has a heroic core. His hidden fear is of riducle.

"Shelia "The Thief.". her weopon is an invisibilTy cloak. She is Bobby older sister. Her hidden fear is of being alone.

"Presto' "The Magican" His weopon is a hat for making spells come true. As also part the comic relief he bumbles spells! His hidden fear is of losing his glasses.

"Dinah" The Acrobat" Her weopeon is a javelin/Balancing pole. Her hidden fear is beoming old and useles

"Bobby" The Barbarian" At age 8 going on to 9 he is the youngest. His weopeon is a club. His hidden fear is becoming A helpless baby

Uni-a young female unicorn

Dungeonmaster-a guide and teacher to the kids-he offen speaks in riddles

Venger- a force for evil who deseries the kids weopons so as to rule the relm. Estranged son of Dungeonmaster, he is reconcilated to his father in the never made 28th episode